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E-learning, E-content Development

E-learning, E-content Development

Taraba software LMS provides deployment of courses, manage and & communicate with users, generating reports & charts(graphical representation), import scrom content, also solution for online learning. It's helpful for academics or education institutes as well s organizations for co-corporate training recruitment process & certification.

Mobile Application


Our mobile application development services focus on targeted applications. It helps to increase business growth. We deliver custom mobile application that helps you increase profitability & improve efficiency. New technologies are researched and new modules are written , added to our resources, to bring you latest & most cost effective solutions.

Responsive Development

Responsive Web Development

All of our web properties are responsive and can be accessed from any device,anywhere in the world. Responsiveness is what every IT firm strives for and for codies and techies like us,its a routine.


E-Commerce & CMS based Web-design

Wordpress is one of the most powerful blog publishing tools available. Today Wordpress is the most common blog and CMS platform used worldwide.We provide Service in wordpress customisation and designing.We can build your E-Commerce site from the ground up. Whether you wish to go for a theme or a custom design,we can handle everything and turn your idea into a reality.

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